Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buyer Always Prevent Yourself from Buying Flood Salvage Vehicles

Flood salvage cars and vehicles mostly enter in the market due to the past hurricanes and floods that occurred in various parts of southern United States. The insurance companies declared many such vehicles as flood salvage vehicles and paid the claimed amount to the owners. People should avoid buying these vehicles as they are not at all road worthy in many cases. Some tips will help you to check these flood salvage vehicles.
It happens many times that people come to know they have purchased a salvage car when they go to any insurance agent to get it insured. The agent cannot even rate any insurance quote as the vehicle has a salvage title on it. A buyer should always visit a state motor vehicle department as they will follow the inspection process for the salvaged vehicles and prevent you from buying any wrong one.
The simplest way to prevent this thing from happen is have a history report from any company such as CARFAX about that flood salvage vehicles and as it not only tracks the flood salvage vehicles but also the kind of damages in it. Some detective works can also be performed by you like check the engine compartment whether it has nay water marks which indicate enhanced water levels. Secondly, check if any mold or water stains are there. Lastly, inspect the electrical system.
Hence, you can prevent yourself from such deals if you are careful and attentive. You get several choices when you go to buy a flood salvage car in a market. But it is necessary to consider all the factors and choices when buying a flood salvage car. You can search on internet about the various features and kinds of salvage. This will help you to take a right decision. Also, if you observe any water damage in the flood salvage car then cancel that deal and look for another one.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Protect Yourself from Purchasing a Flood Salvage Car

Due to the typhoon that occurred in the United States some years before, several flood salvage cars have come in the market. Insurance companies have proclaimed many such cars as salvage and have paid the claimed amount to their owners. Below discussed are some of the steps that one should follow to prevent himself from purchasing the flood salvage cars which cause great water loss.

People do not even realize that they have purchased a flood salvage car if they do not do insurance of it. There they get to know that the agent cannot even tell them the insurance rate as the car has got a salvage tag on it. Keep in mind that the used cars are usually sold and the common man does not even realize the fact behind it. So it is better to find a flood salvage car which is road worthy and go for an inspection process by the state motor vehicle department which is necessary for any flood salvage car or vehicle.

Therefore, how to prevent yourself from getting trapped in such thing? The simplest ways is to get a history report of the particular vehicle from an organization like CARFAX which keeps the record of damaged and other flooded vehicles. Some steps can be done only like see whether there are any water signs or marks which indicate increased water level. Second step is to check any mold or water stains under carpeting. Lastly, check the entire electrical system.

So, always be careful and avoid yourself from buying any flood salvage car. Read the reviews on internet related to flood salvage vehicles and you will get a great idea. If you find any truck or car as water damaged then just move away from that deal.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Different Kinds of Flood Salvage Cars

You get several choices when you go to buy a flood salvage car in a market. But it is necessary to consider all the factors and choices when buying a flood salvage car. You can search on internet about the various features and kinds of salvage. This will help you to take a right decision. These types of vehicles include interiors which are not repairable or engines and other parts that are not –usable. Let us see some of the examples:

Recovered after stealing

These are the stolen cars which are recovered by the garage people. However, they might be in good condition but are recovered. Mostly the people, who steal the vehicles generally, take put the higher valued parts which mostly happen with expensive cars that have costly parts.

Not in Records

Generally, these vehicles meet accidents and are not currently registered. Mostly the insurance companies pay the owner the equivalent loss value. You would see a lot of companies on internet that sell the flood salvage vehicles which are not in records.


These are the flood salvage vehicles which have been taken by the insurance companies by paying a particular amount to the owner. Such vehicles have met some problems due to which the insurance companies have to forcefully take it from the owners. It may be due to any flood damage, accident or any mishap.


These are the cars which are not worthy to use on roads again. The good parts of these vehicles are used in other cars which are road worthy. Such vehicles are generally crushed and recycled. The authorities then sell of the good parts or the vehicle itself.
Thus, it is not very easy to buy a flood salvage car. But knowing the kind of salvage vehicle would definitely guide you when you go to buy a salvage vehicle. Consider all the factors before buying it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Car Buyers beware of Flood Salvage Cars

After the recent hurricanes that impacted southern part of the United States, large numbers of flood salvage cars have hit the market. By flood salvage cars we mean cars that were damaged badly during the floods and are now no more useful. Lots of these cars also carry this tag because of the insurance companies; these companies who have paid the compensation or insurance amount to the original owners treat the vehicles as worthless. These cars are also referred as flood salvage cars because of the extensive water damage that it has gone through during the flood.

However, it is surprising that many individuals or people are not aware of this flood salvage cars hitting the market. Individuals or car buyers do not realize about this that they have purchase a flood salvage cars until they decide that they want to get the car they purchased insured.

Only at this particular point of time they realize or come to know that their agent has refused or said no for an insurance rate quote of such car because the insurance company has marked this particular car as flood salvage car.

Since, majority of the used cars are sold on the condition of “as is” basis the purchaser or buyer has a litter recourse after realizing that he has bought a flood salvage car. The only way left for the buyer or purchaser is that he has to get the car in the shape and condition enough to hit the road. In addition, the buyer also needs to go with a lengthy and strenuous inspection process of his car from bureau of state motor vehicle. This is compulsory for cars that have been marked as salvaged, without this you cannot take this car on the road.